MTV Networks invites you to join My Voice, an exclusive community of fans like you !

My Voice an exclusive consumer panel - Just recieved the email invition from MTV Networks Insider which makes you "be the first to tell you about exciting promotions and giveaways from MTV Networks'
advertisers and partners" but alas it is for American people as trying to sign iy up returned "We’re really sorry, but right now this community is only open to people who live in the United States."

Now in global village era every one is world citizen and hope soon to get such consumer participation.

BTW movie buff, tv addict, pop culture connoisseur are invited to My Voice an exclusive consumer panel for participating $1,000 contest for US citizen only and it gives exclusive access to cool contests.

So how the offer initiates is simple, "Your Invitation from MTV Networks: Join My Voice, an Exclusive Panel for You!" emails come vie MTV networks, just be member there and things come on you ways.

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