Blake Griffin Excited Fans Photo

blake griffin v. texas, originally uploaded by aaronisnotcool.

Blake Griffin v. Texas Photo - Fans standing and both hands raised demanding the ball in net as if everyone playing in the ground holding the ball. The spectator mood captured is main beauty of the Blake Griffin photo.

Read in Hindi Language - ब्लेक ग्रिफिन उत्तेजित प्रशंसक फोटो - ब्लेक ग्रिफिन वि. टेक्सास फोटो - प्रशंसक खड़े हुये है और दोनों हाथ उठाये, नेट में गेंद की मांग करते, मानो सब लोग मैदान में गेंद पकड़े खेल रहें हों। ब्लेक ग्रिफिन तस्वीर का प्रमुख सौन्‍दर्य है दर्शक की मनोदशा को फोटो में लाना.

Dramatic Sun Landscape - Photo Art

Dramatic Sun Landscape - Photo Art
, originally uploaded by kirkols.

The dama in nature photo has some unique combination of mood, color and composition. The photo art reminds the opening sequence of Hindi Film Ghajini, the bush silhouette very well resemble the complex human mind refecting the subtle colors of life. The photographer has done miracle.
Read in Hindi Bhasha - प्रकृति में नाट्य तस्वीर में मन:स्थिति, रंग और संरचना के कुछ अद्वितीय संयोजन है. य‍ह तस्वीर कला, फोटो आर्ट हिन्दी फिल्मी गजनी के शुरूवाती दृश्‍यों के अनुक्रम की याद दिलाती है, झाड़ी की छायाकृति बहुत अच्छी तरह से जटिल मानव मन से मिलती है, जीवन के सूक्ष्म रंगों को दर्शाती है. इस फोटोग्राफर ने चमत्कार किया है.

Just for change the classic b/w drama, is the on skate kid in air?
Kid On Skate B/W
Kid On Skate B/W, originally uploaded by chris friese.

Hindi - बस बदलाव के लिए, क्लासिक श्‍वेत श्‍याम, बतायें क्‍या स्केट बच्चा हवा में है?

Broken Lizard Video

A fun interview with Jay Chandrasekhar and Paul Soter to Beerfest, watch the video in context of big question - Will POTFEST the sequel to beerfest is due? Some 2 years back the Broken Lizard talked about Potfest.

UCLA Cheerleaders Electric Blue

UCLA cheerleaders - Originally uploaded by - SD Dirk
Blue Shock to eyes as if electricity spark in sky

Rebecca Alexander No Sound No Light Cut Cut Cut..

It is not the story from some movie director announcing pack-up. For Rebecca the director's role was played by her doctor. Rebecca is victim of Usher Syndrome which capture hearing and vision over time passing.
As per Usher Syndrome page of NIH, "Approximately 3–6 percent of all children who are deaf and another 3–6 percent of children who are hard-of-hearing have Usher syndrome". NIH again stresses "In developed countries such as the United States, about four babies in every 100,000 births have Usher syndrome".
The story of Rebecca Alexander in her word is here which starts with her brothers opening remark. In the Rebecca video watch for yourself -

In another 5-page story titled Out of Sight, Out of Sound By Anna Jane Grossman, you will find a whole lot of details with nice Rebecca Alexander photos. Here I will conclude all of us support the cause promote by Rebecca in as much possible way as we can afford, after all we have both - We can see, We can here.

Usher Syndrome Live The Life

Susan Lingchou created self made documentary video on the rare kind of disease Usher Syndrome which renders deaf and blind both a person, The intesity of effect increases with time. She has depicted a person's life who is victim of Usher Syndrome.

100% Free Tata Nano Brand New Car

Free Napkin Buzz Story - Internet surfing led me to hottest website about some Free Napkin (url Well before seeing anything what caught my eyes is a Nano Car graphic accompabied with title 100% Free Tata Nano Brand New Car Ask Us How!. The Ask Us How! text has a link to site email. I have not much time to carefully read the content of whole website but the few paragraph from "How does the system work?" are explaining the system with some noble ideas to get rid of unused things with the help of website Any way if you have any experience please share with us. I will revert later with more detail if find some time. Bellow is the banner -

What Offer Travelport ViewTrip™ & Galileo

The travelers of seven airlines namely British Airways, Delta Air Lines, Virgin Atlantic, Frontier, Midwest, BMI, and Swiss Air are now at ease. They are now provided with 'online check-in facility' available to all travellers whose itineraries are booked by Galileo travel agencies & offer the ViewTrip™ Web site as a value add-on itinerary service to their clients. The website is I have deliberately put the whole url. Notice the "s" in https, which indicates ssl from home page itself with a form to fill in Reservation Number & Traveler Last Name to get up-to-the-minute itinerary information. This way the passenger has not to go to individual websites. So enjoy the web check in which available 24 hour in advance.

President Barack Obama named Vivek Kundra the Federal Chief Information Officer

Vivek Kundra is now The Federal Chief Information Officer (CIO) named of USA, who directs the policy and strategic planning of federal information technology investments and is responsible for oversight of federal technology spending. The Federal CIO establishes and oversees enterprise architecture to ensure system interoperability and information sharing and ensure information security and privacy across the federal government. The CIO will also work closely with the Chief Technology Officer to advance the President’s technology agenda.

President Obama said, "Vivek Kundra will bring a depth of experience in the technology arena and a commitment to lowering the cost of government operations to this position. I have directed him to work to ensure that we are using the spirit of American innovation and the power of technology to improve performance and lower the cost of government operations. As Chief Information Officer, he will play a key role in making sure our government is running in the most secure, open, and efficient way possible."

Vivek Kundra Explains Cell Phone Inauguration Issue

Popularly known as Tech Czar the CTO with very much hold in wireless technology has a lot to tell about presidential inauguraion preparation from his domain angle i.e. how cell phones work.

Vivek Kundra, Chief Technology Officer, Government of the District of Columbia

Want to know how Vivek Kundra arrived at wireless? His start with wireless is covered in the following lecture at Vivek Kundra video -