What Offer Travelport ViewTrip™ & Galileo

The travelers of seven airlines namely British Airways, Delta Air Lines, Virgin Atlantic, Frontier, Midwest, BMI, and Swiss Air are now at ease. They are now provided with 'online check-in facility' available to all travellers whose itineraries are booked by Galileo travel agencies & offer the ViewTrip™ Web site as a value add-on itinerary service to their clients. The website is
https://www.viewtrip.com. I have deliberately put the whole url. Notice the "s" in https, which indicates ssl from home page itself with a form to fill in Reservation Number & Traveler Last Name to get up-to-the-minute itinerary information. This way the passenger has not to go to individual websites. So enjoy the web check in which available 24 hour in advance.

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