Dashahara / Dussehra / दशहरा website just launched

After launching of www.Navaratri.in, (or www.9ratri.com)and www.ShriMaMahaKali.com, the next in the series will be started today 20.10.2007 at 6PM IST.

So it is www.Dashahara.in Hindi: दशहरा, Kannada: ದಸರ, Marathi: दसरा, "Dashain" in Nepali, or Mohani Nakha in(Nepal Bhasa:मोहनी नख:) on the eve of auspicious Dashahara 2007 / Dussehra 2007 / Vijaya dasami 2007.

We searched the net for Dashahara / Dussehra and Vijaya Dasami and found very few entries So to share the joy and ecstasy in form of text, audio, photo and video and place for interaction in form of forum, blog and group with the above facilities.

The website on Dashahara / Dussehra will be an instant website, becomes live just after the registration of the domain name.

So all you patrons are cordially invited. Happy Dashahara / Dussehra Happy Vijaya Dasami in advance Happy Navaratri Shubh Navaratri Jai Durga Jay Mahakali शुभ दशहरा शुभ विजयादशमी शुभ नवरात्री जय दुर्गा जय महाकाली

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Sneha Gupta said...

Hi Friend,
Congratulations for this nice looking blog.All article is good.I like It.