Today 18.10.2007 at 7PM One more website devoted to Durga Shakti and Navaratri

After launching of the next in the series will be started today 18.10.2007 at 7PM.

The name of website on Navaratri will be posted here. We searched the net for Navaratri and found miscellaneous news events and so many other things but couldn't find a single one to share the feel and devotion in form of text, audio, photo and video and place for interaction in form of forum, blog and group with the above facilities.
So the upcoming site will have all the features.

The website on Navaratri will be an instant website, becomes live just after the registration of the domain name.

So all Navaratri enthusiasts and Devi devotees are welcome to be a part of this history making effort.

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