Chandrayaan-1 India Is Capable In Space

Chandrayaan-1 has successfully demonstrated the country’s capability and expertise in accomplishing highly complex space missions. The success of Chandrayaan – 1 has paved way for undertaking missions to moon and beyond. While the accomplishments so far have given a unique status to the country in the comity of space faring nations, the space programme in the country is poised for several major breakthroughs in the development of advanced technology needed for realization of the future launch vehicle and spacecraft missions in the coming years. Efforts are under way to establish necessary infrastructure for casting large boosters, liquid propellant engines, heavy cryo boosters and for development of advanced missions in the area of remote sensing, communications, navigational satellites and space science systems. Necessary ground infrastructure for providing mission support during launch phase and in orbit support for the planned missions is under realization. With the successful realization and on-orbit performance of the space systems, we can confidently look forward to make substantial inroads into the competitive international launch services and satellite markets.

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