Americans For Prosperity The Voice Of Nation?

No stimulus is reality or just a bailout package to benefit special group or just to oppose President Obama or his political party. The Americans for prosperity just came in time when stimulus plan is juggling on senate floor to be cleared. These are the questions and there can be numerous.
The American for prosperity is running an online petition with the help of a website The website faced a huge internet traffic and even crashed for some time but now working fine.
They have an online form to sign and many usual stuff for interactivity with a donation link too. One item for quoting is
Infrastructure projects should be judged on their merits, but not as stimulus.

There is a role for government in providing certain public goods that the market cannot efficiently provide. If financing is available at favorable rates it may make sense to take a long-term view and begin projects that are legitimately justified on their merits. We should be under no misconception, however, that public works spending is stimulative, because borrowed dollars are taken out of the private sector.

This again raise a serious question whether the stimulus is prepared out of blue without developmental value? What about previous stimulus package?
The whole scene require deep analysis, these are just casual tiny questions.

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Whatever the outcome.. I hope it would be for the benefit of the people.. The stimulus package has its own advantages and disadvantages.. Hope that the Congress will closely look into these factors first, putting the people on top of their priorities, before they finally make a decision..