Indigo Flight Drama In New Delhi

Indigo Flight makes emergency landing following unruly behaviour of two passengers - Following receipt of the information from ATC in New Delhi, through the pilot of Indigo Flight No. E- 664 at about 5.15 pm that there were couple of passengers behaving aggressively who also said that they would hijack the plane, all precautionary measures were activated as per the prescribed drill.

The plane which made emergency landing at 5.29 pm was taken to an isolated area and CISF/NSG immediately cordoned off the area.

The Committee of Secretaries on Anti–Hijacking (COSAH) chaired by the Cabinet Secretary met immediately thereafter. After reviewing all aspects of the situation and satisfying itself that it was safe to disembark the passengers, the decision was taken to do so with all precautions in place including screening of the alighting passengers.

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