Institute For Human Continuity

Institute For Human Continuity aims to work for ensuring the survival of world after 2012. The Institute For Human Continuity website is where you can see the full details. The latest news from Institute For Human Continuity recommends that Dutch Citizen to acquire new disaster kit.
Since 1700 scientists in the Netherlands have charted the average rise in their country’s coastal sea levels at approximately 1.5 millimeters per year. However, new IHC tidology research has drawn an unsettling conclusion: in 2012 thermal increases and tectonic strain accumulation at the Arctic Circle will cause sea levels bordering Amsterdam to rise 11 inches. To neutralize the potentially calamitous effects of this rise, the IHC advises citizens of the Dutch city under the sea to acquire our 100% waterproof and fully buoyant Coastal Disaster Kit.

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