Felling of 13246 Trees in A Year

The shockung news of huge felling of treees is from Andhra Pradesh, India but the soothing news is preventive measures are being enforced.

Local tribals have been engaged as protection watchers for the protection of the forests in the Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh. Awareness campaigns have been organized for sensitizing the villagers about the need for the protecting forest and wildlife.

This was initiated after felling of 13246 trees during July 2007 to October 2007 by the encroachers. As per the information received from the State Government felling of trees have been made over an area of 399 ha in Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary. The state government has taken various steps against the guilty persons and to check and prevent further destruction of the forest area in the region to combat the encroachment. Fifty-three offence cases have been booked and 420 persons arrested and remanded to judicial custody.

District Administration and Police Force have been involved to prevent the destruction of forests.

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