What is Z Spot Now? (& FujiFilm Connection?)

No Age Perform at Fujifilm's 'Z Spot LA' Event - Video

ZSpot or Z Spot Now is a very special type of social network by FujiFilm. Well straight from horses mouth what the Fuji Big Guns say - "Fujifilm recognized that this younger, style-savvy generation wants to be able to engage with a brand. We didn't want to just create a website that would speak to them – we wanted to hear what they had to say and offer a place for the community that uses the camera to share." says Ron Gazzola, VP of Marketing, Fujifilm, "We researched the various social networking platforms out there and selected Ning based on its ability to bring together communities of common interest and lifestyle in an environment that allows for organic growth."

"Ning enables anyone – individuals or companies – to create their own social networks for anything. With ZSpotNow, Fujifilm has taken advantage of the freedom and flexibility Ning offers to create the exact right social network for them." says Gina Bianchini, CEO, Ning, Inc.

Story will contitue with time, you can have a look on Fujifilm's Star-Studded Fashion & Technology Event in New York City

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