Soleckshaw To Reverse Global Warming

Soleckshaw, with its zero carbon foot print and the trend of widespread use, is expected to reverse global warming and protect the planet from the perils of the climate change. Its worldwide use would also enhance energy security by reducing the world’s dependence on limited fossil fuel. Equipped with novel features, this pedicab is easy to drive, both on plain as well as uphill road, without any strain of imbalance, which all of the current cycle rickshaws suffer from. It is the product of the Project 800 or CSIR800 initiative which aims at empowering 800 million Indians by way of S&T intervention.
Low cost solutions must to overcome challenges of terrorism, poverty and climate change: Kapil Sibal
Shri Kapil Sibal, Union Minister of Science & Technology and Earth Sciences, India has emphasized the need for low cost technological solutions to overcome the challenges of terrorism, poverty and climate change. Delivering the inaugural address at the 14th Technology Summit & Technology Platform in New Delhi today he called upon the scientists and technologists to do science globally and implement technology locally. Citing the example of “Soleckshaw” , the solar-electric rickshaw for eco-friendly urban transport, launched in Chandni Chowk on Gandhi Jayanti this year, Shri Sibal said that such innovations will not only protect the livelihood and health of the poor but will also bring enormous commercial possibilities.
The two day Summit jointly organized by the Department of Science & Technology and CII would focus on leveraging investment opportunities in clean technologies. Canada is the participating country. The event is also supported by Ministry of New & Renewable Energy and Ministry of Water Resources.

Addressing the participating country, Shri Sibal said that India with high quality human resource and low cost economy and Canada with high quality science must collaborate with each other for bringing solutions to the existing problems across the globe.

Speaking with the media persons on the sidelines of the event, the Minister said that his ministries have always been making conscious efforts to develop technologies to enhance the existing security systems. He said he Ministry of Science & Technology had entrusted Central Electronics Limited (CEL), a PSU under its administrative control, with the task of sourcing and acquiring the technology to sanitize public places from threats of security breaches. The project which involves development of a suitable security system and its sub-systems which have been field-proven abroad, will soon be implemented at New Delhi Railway Station.

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