MIL SPEC Night Vision

Vectronix brings world’s smallest and lightest MIL SPEC Night Vision Monocular to Southeast Asia.Vectronix AG, a global leader in image intensification night vision devices, brought its newest innovation to INDO DEFENCE 2008, the TARSIUS16 Miniature Night Vision Monocular. With over 50,000 of its BIG/BIM image intensification night vision devices in operation, Vectronix has the experience and expertise necessary to produce the world’s smallest and lightest MIL SPEC night vision device, while still maintaining the highest quality and performance that operators have come to expect.

The TARSIUS16 comprises miniaturized components and a revolutionary, proprietary 16mm image intensifier tube, which weighs 30% to 45% less than comparable devices using the standard 18mm tubes. Weighing less than 250 grams, the revolutionary TARSIUS16 maximizes soldier mobility and sets the new standard in night vision technology. In its standard configuration, TARSIUS16 offers several extremely useful features. Automatic adjustment for varying levels of ambient light (auto-gating) and manual gain control ensure longer tube life and optimal scene rendering. The ergonomic design allows for longer and intuitive operation.

For an increased observation and surveillance range, a 3x magnification lens can quickly and easily be clamped onto the front of the objective, allowing the user to operate from a safer distance, maximizing his survivability. The infrared illuminator enables movement and working in total darkness. It responds instantaneously to the user, and unlike other night vision systems, TARSIUS16 ensures 100% situational awareness by eliminating the moment of darkness as the IR illuminator is activated. An indicator alerts the operator when the IR illuminator is active to prevent accidental detection.

TARSIUS16 also maximizes the user’s operational sustainability thanks to its ability to operate for over 55 hours on any of three commercially available batteries: a 3 V lithium CR123A, a AA 1.5 V alkaline or a 1.2 V NiMH battery. A low battery indicator is projected into the field of view so the user is never caught unaware. With its Smart Mount, TARSIUS16 can be configured specifically for the user’s mission. The transition from single mount to dual mount, or from handheld to helmet is quick and easy, and does not require any special tools. The Smart Mount permits individual adjustments for a comfortable, secure fit. Stable mounting plus minimum size and weight enhance the operator’s agility and effectiveness. TARSIUS16 made its Southeast Asia debut at INDO DEFENCE 2008 on November 19. This incredible achievement in image intensified night vision is on display at the Vectronix booth, number PB-06 in hall B.

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