Goodbye George W Website

George W is Finally leaving and Goodbye George W is Launched - Mother and Daughter start movement to send Goodbye Letters to the outgoing President George W. Bush giving people around the world a place to say what they think of the past eight years of the Bush/Cheney regime. - Dec 10, 2008 – "Freedom of expression and democracy are among the values that the founding fathers amended to the U.S. Constitution and they are what has motivated us to launch the site," Wheeler said by phone from her home in Georgia. The Goodbye George Movement that Wheeler and her daughter initiated with sets a challenge in a real sense to put participation back into U.S. politics. In the United States people may turn out to vote, but beyond that are infrequently given forums for the ongoing voicing of their opinions to policy makers, much less to an outgoing President, that is far for being popular.

"With our website we are letting people tell George W. what they really think about his Presidency on a personal level, in their on words, in a letter. SO far the response has been fantastic. The letters will be used for a book, so that each writer has the opportunity to really take part in a historic book to be published in 2009." Wheeler encourages everyone, even Bush supporters, to click on and write their fond farewells. She says, "After all this is America and each person has the right and the privilege to say what they think, both positive and negative." Source by PRLog

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