Hands-Free To Breastfeeding

DindleBee Releases BPA-Free Natural Bonder Bottle, A Natural Hands-Free Alternative To Breastfeeding - Until now, only mothers have been able to fully experience the bonding that happens when breastfeeding baby. DindleBee has designed the alternative way to feeding with the Natural Bonder Bottle to include the whole family in the process. - Dec 10, 2008 – As a family, bonding with baby is an important process that promotes closeness to last a lifetime. With the Natural Bonder Bottle, all members of the family can take part in sharing the special bond that until now, only breastfeeding mothers have experienced.

The alternative to current bottles on the market, DindleBee’s Natural Bonder Bottle, was created to create a closer bond among family by allowing them to partake in the joy of feeding. Designed with a natural and ergonomic positioning for feeding baby, busy mothers or stay-at-home dads can now provide their baby with the nutrients necessary for growth and development in a comfortable manner. The unique design of the Natural Bonder Bottle is hands-free, which offers family members ergonomic and secure positioning during feeding. Perfect for busy moms and extended family members, the hands-free design of the DindleBee Natural Bonder Bottle offers the enhanced capability to encourage feeding, but also provides emotional and health benefits associated with breastfeeding. Easy to use, the DindleBee Natural Bonder Bottle is structured for comfortable placement on the chests of adults and children, so finding the ideal position for breastfeeding is easy for all. Easy to use disposable milk liners and a washable, reusable cap and nipple offer everything needed in one easy design.

Breastfeeding is shown to help babies enjoy or achieve nutrition and ingredients needed for healthy growth and reduced illness not found in most common formulas. Breastfed babies are more likely to have a higher I.Q. than those who don’t and develop at optimal levels. The DindleBee Natural Bonder Bottle allows any member of the family to pass on these vital nutrients to the baby, thanks to the Natural Bonder Bottle, which utilizes re-usable inserts to hold breast-pump milk at everyone's convenience, not just the mothers.

With the increase of working mothers and reduced maternity leaves, babies are still able to get their daily nutrition on a constant basis thanks to this alternative form of feeding. The DindleBee Natural Bonder Bottle makes it possible for easier feedings, increased bonding among family members, and offers an excellent alternative to traditional feeding. Please visit www.dindlebee.com to learn more.
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