Local advertising on the internet

Online journal community with a special new form of advertising - Local advertising on the internet - At annoknips.com anyone can write their journal/autobiography online and illustrate it with photos and videos. The portal can be used free of charge and is financed by advertising. The founders of the journal community have developed a new special form of advertising especially for this.
Every annoknips.com journal and autobiography entry by users is geocoded, i.e. every experience – from the first day at school to moving into the first apartment - is given a specific address. This enables advertisements to be displayed that are precisely tailored the geographical location of the page in question. Unlike other communities, the content of the biography entries is not evaluated which means that private content remains hidden to the advertising industry.
Not only is it possible to place advertisements for individual addresses on annoknips.com - entire towns or cities, states or countries can be rented and an unlimited number of different advertisements placed there for a company. Each time a page is called up that refers to an address in the town or city (state or country) rented, one of the advertiser's advertisements is displayed. The advertiser can either place the same advertisements for the whole town or city, or place different, customized advertisements for every street. In addition, it is possible to differentiate between the languages and countries of origin of annoknips.com users and to manage campaigns on a time, click and impression basis. It is possible to run several different campaigns at once and to upload advertisements as Flash, GIF, JPEG and PNG files. Even text advertisements can be designed online should suitable graphics be unavailable.
Renting the management of a town or city is not only an interesting proposition for regional companies such as cinemas, theatres, delivery services and local store owners, but also for tourism marketing associations. The annual rental fee for a town or city depends on its size, the number of existing individual addresses and journal entries in the town or city and the actual number of visitors to the city on annoknips.com. To rent a town or city, you first need to become a member of annoknips (free of charge) and you then apply for the city online in your own back office. annoknips.com assures applicants that they will be offered individually tailored and fair rental fees. A contract for the town or city in question is not concluded until the rental fee has been paid – requesting an offer is free of charge and does not entail any risks.
At annoknips.com you can write down the story of your life. To do so, enter an event from your life and upload corresponding photos (if available). Every event is stored with the time and place it occurred. If other users have already uploaded photos of the same place, these can be used to supplement your life story. This not only enables you to store important memories, you can also find friends and acquaintances you maybe lost touch with years ago. Source -- OpenPR

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