Consumers Sick and Tired of Swimming in Chemical Soup

Karen Adler, Founder/CEO, Vitality Products, Inc.As consumer demand for non-toxic personal care products rises, large companies are rushing to revamp their product lines. But one small company has been on board for years leading the change.

Oregon City, OR (PRWEB) November 25, 2008 -- In May of this year, CVS, the nation's largest retail pharmacy chain responded to consumer pressure by agreeing to remove chemicals linked to adverse health outcomes from its house-branded products and promising to replace them with safer alternatives. The company will also require similar action by its manufacturing partners.

"As a mother and manufacturer of natural products, it's clear to me that consumers are fed up with personal care products that contain many undesirable chemical ingredients, says Karen Adler, founder and CEO of Vitality Products, Inc., a personal care products manufacturer. "And," says the mother of eleven, "Enough is enough! We need to make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of chemicals we and our families are exposed to on a daily basis."

Adler says Vitality Products, Inc. has been committed to giving consumers healthy choices with all of their products since 2003 and has only four words to say about other companies who are finally getting on the bandwagon. She emphatically states, "Better late than never!"

Adler, who coined the phrase, 'Chemical Overload', uses the term to describe what happens every morning before a person leaves the house. She says, "It begins in the shower with typical detergent based shampoos that are loaded with chemicals, then deodorants, tooth cleansers, cosmetic and skin care products, etc.. By the time a person walks out of the bathroom in the morning, they have doused themselves in dozens of chemicals, some of them harmful to the endocrine system."

Adler continues, "When it comes to our health, we have to be diligent. We find ourselves living in what I call the 'Chemical Generation', and a typical shampoo is a perfect example of that. Most people can't even read or pronounce the ingredients listed on their hair care bottles, and yet they scrub these chemicals into their scalp."

Adler remarks, "A recent study of adolescent exposures to cosmetic chemicals done by the Environmental Working Group showed that the average teen used 17 personal care products per day, which is 5 more than the average woman. And every teen in the study showed they had 16 chemicals from 4 chemical families in their blood and urine."

Adler's commitment to producing truly safe personal care products is evident in the products Vitality Products, Inc. is currently producing which includes oral care, hair care, skin care and a line of products that are completely free of any flavorings or scents, for those that are chemically sensitive. Adler concludes, "Our products drastically reduce the number of chemicals a person is exposed to every day."

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