Dynamic ground water resources in India

Let me first show you a Groundwater Animation very beautyful song Groundhogs singing the Groundwater scenes. It covers history, use and dnagers to ground water. Video courtesy Ranamm

Now comes the news - Dynamic ground water resources in the country - India
The quantification of ground water resources is one of the major input in planning Ground Water Development and Management. At the same time it is one of the basic input for funding ground water developmental projects by financial institutions. The resource assessment and the categorisation of assessment units as per the stage of development forms a basis for implementing regulatory measures by Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA).

The dynamic ground water resources of the country is as follows: Total annual Replenishable Ground Water Resource - 433.02 bcm ; Annual Ground Water Draft – 230.62 bcm ; Ground Water Availability for Future Irrigation – 162.29 bcm ; and Projected demand for domestic and industrial uses up to 2025 – 29.17 bcm .

Various special studies have been carried out in different hydro geological conditions throughout the country in order to standardise methodology for computation of ground water resources. Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) undertook water balance studies in this regard between 1974 and 1985 through 3 domestic and 9 bilateral projects with assistance from UNDP, SIDA, UK and Canada. These projects covered both soft and hard rock formations in various places throughout the country.

Findings of these projects helped in better understanding of the ground water system and led to formulation of methodology for estimation of annually replenishable ground water resources. An expert group drawing members from CGWB, NABARD, State Ground Water Departments and academic institutions has standardised the methodology of estimation. This methodology is being modified at regular intervals. The previous methodology known as GEC’84 has been modified and a revised methodology known as GEC’97 is being followed for re-estimation of country’s replenishable of ground water resources.

Two types of ground water resources have been assessed and being updated periodically – Annually Rechargeable Ground Water Resource - this resource is computed jointly by CGWB and State Ground Water Departments; and Static Ground Water Resource- this source occurs below the dynamic resource and it has been evaluated on the basis of exploratory drillling of CGWB. Till now the static resource has been assessed to the depth of 400 metre in soft rock and 200 metre in hard rock.

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