Hindi Fusion

Hindi Fusion, What is Hindi Fusion? Hindi is a language, the national language of India also called Rajbhasha (in HIndi). OK ! Fusion is mixing in perfect harmony like two solids melted to liquid and then mixed to form one single element. So what is intended with Hindi Fusion? In this Global Era melting the boundaries of continents making the world a village, Global Village it is obvious fusing Hindi in different dimensions with global element is Hindi Fusion. The picture of Hindi Fusion is not available any where it has to be drawn on a blank canvas. OK ! Got it. Well let us explore what is currently in Hindi Fusion list.

Hindi Fusion Dance Video, the performers are, The Angels at some M-Nite 2008, if you know details please update me, an auditorium performance, The Angels also in different types of dresses, giving some fused shadow on white screen at back, really wonderful experience, one more thing music is a mix of Hindi and English.

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